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New 4D Products and Innovations

4D Optical began as an optomechanical and optical engineering consulting business founded in 2004, and we worked on some very exciting and high profile projects.  Sadly, NDAs prevent us from showing you what we have done.  And, even though we loved working on your products and collaborating with some of the smartest people in the world we had also wanted to make some things of our own.  So, in 2014 we launched a novel microscope on Kickstarter that works with an iPhone (and other phones and tablets) and uses our patented technology.

Check it out at:

Kickstarter MicrobeScope Link

The MicrobeScope

We are building a site at MicrobeScope.com where you will be able to preorder a MicrobeScope soon, but there is very little content on the site at the moment.


Older Fun Projects - Power Beaming

4D Optical worked with the scientists at LaserMotive to help field a power beaming system in a NASA Competition.

NASA Power Beaming Competition


MicrobeScope and AirPlay

MicrobeScope on AirPlay 

With an iPhone AirPlay can be used to dispay live video.