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Newport Motorized Linear Rotation StageUSED
The ILS250PP Micro Step Drive Stepper Linear stage offers a 250 mm travel range and combines fast, sub-micron resolution motion in a highly stiff and robust package. Its extruded aluminum body with Metric threaded holes has been optimized to avoid bending effects caused by the different thermal expansion coefficients of the aluminum body and steel rails. The special U-profile also provides stiffness to the structure while keeping the mass low. A preloaded, backlash-free ballscrew provides rapid movements with fast step and settling times. The screw is accurately profiled to reduce heating to a minimum and extend the life of the stage. Recirculating ball bearing slides ensure accurate linear motion and eliminate ball cage migration found on typical linear ball bearings or crossed roller bearings. Position measurements are read with a 4000 pts/rev. encoder located directly on the screw, avoiding screw/motor coupling errors. An upper rigid cover prevents damage to the drive train and protects it from dust, debris and other pollutants. ILS Series stages also feature an origin located at the center of travel for repeatable initialization, limit switches to prevent over travel, and elastomeric end-of-run dampers for smooth emergency braking.


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