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Newport Motorized Linear Rotation StageUSED
The MTM250CC1 Linear Stage features an all-steel construction and combines high stiffness and thermal stability with a low profile design. This DC drive version has 250 mm of travel and 1.0 µm resolution. MTM stages can bear up to 100 kg with an exceptional high axial load capacity up to 200 N. For durable, linear motion, opposing single-row bearing surfaces are precision-ground from tool steel. Smooth motion is provided by a diamond-corrected lead screw and a matched, precision-lapped nut. The nut design includes anti-backlash preloading and a sophisticated decoupling system that prevents lead screw eccentricity errors from affecting stage movement. All MTM stages include a center home position switch, supplemented by an index pulse signal from the encoder for precise origin location. The home position may also be set to either end of the stage’s travel via an external switch on the stage body.


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