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EXFO WDM Laser Source ModuleUSED
The IQ-2400 WDM Laser Source offers high accuracy and stability for testing the power and spectral sensitivity of active components, passive components and WDM building blocks.The IQ-2400 emulates ITU-T channels in dense WDM applications such as multiwavelength network simulation, simultaneous multiple inputs for EDFA characterization and insertion loss measurement of DWDM passive components. This source is ideal for the production environment offering unmatched, long-term wavelength stability. The ±0.01 nm absolute accuracy enables the IQ-2400 WDM Laser Source to replace a  avelength measurement instrument when testing components or systems. The IQ-2400 features wavelength-tuning capabilities around each of the ITU-T grid wavelengths, dithering up to 300 kHz with a triangular or square waveform, and an output power reaching 13 dBm with a 10 dB attenuation range. DFB laser diode manufacturers have the option of providing their own DFBs. Well-suited for EDFA testing and use with OTDR rental. Manual included.


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