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DORC Fiber Tip InterferometerUSED
ZT-1 Micro
DORC's ZX-1 micro is the world's first portable non-contact interferometer designed specifically to inspect and measure the surface topography of fiberoptic connectors. The hand-held (HH) unit has a built-in LCD monitor to provide inherently eye-safe viewing of potentially "live" connectors. Conventional direct viewing microscopes usually contain laser filters to absorb or reflect the invisible laser radiation. However, it is impossible for the operator to know if such precautions are in place and providing effective protection. In the inspection mode, the operator will clearly see any contamination or surface scratches on the ferrule or fiber endface. Instantly switching to interferometric mode reveals the connectors surface topography. Defects in the polished shape including radius of curvature, apex offset, angle and undercut or protrusion can all be evaluated. 


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