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HP Optical Attenuator (Option 121)USED
The Agilent/HP 8156A is a high performance attenuator for single-mode and multimode applications. Options are available to select the desired return loss performance (up to 60 dB). An optional 13 dB monitor output allows you to measure the signal power at the output of the attenuator. Using the built-in back reflector mode and an external reference reflector (81000BR), the 8156A can be used as a programmable back reflector to measure component and system sensitivity against reflections. The attenuation range is 60 dB with 0.001 dB resolution between 1200 nm and 1650 nm. Due to a novel single filter design, no ranging occurs. This completely eliminates dark spots or potential attenuation overshoots or undershoots. Attenuation accuracy is typically better than ±0.05 dB with a polarization sensitivity of less than 0.02 dB peak-to-peak. The option 121 Fiber Optic Attenuator offers high performance with monitor output straight contact connector, and require 3 connectors interfaces.


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