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National Instruments GPIB Interface for PCMCIAUSED
The National Instruments PCMCIA-GPIB is a low-cost, high-performance IEEE 488 interface for computers with PC card (PCMCIA) slots, such as laptop and notebook computers. You can use the PCMCIA-GPIB with Intel-based PCs and Macintosh PowerBooks. The NI PCMCIA-GPIB+ combines the circuitry of a PCMCIA-GPIB controller with a GPIB analyzer, making it ideal for troubleshooting GPIB applications. The PCMCIA-GPIB, a Type II PCMCIA card, is compliant with PCMCIA PC Card Standard Version 2.1 and above. The PCMCIA-GPIB is also compatible with the Plug and Play standard. The system automatically configures the PCMCIA-GPIB on startup or when you insert the card. The National Instruments TNT4882C ASIC makes the PCMCIA-GPIB a maximum-performance IEEE 488.2 interface. Software included.


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