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National Instruments PCI MXI-3 Interface Card (Fiber-Optic)USED
NI PCI-8335
The PXI-PCI 8330 Series incorporates MXI-3 technology. MXI-3 is a PCI master/slave system implementing the PCI-PCI bridge register set. It couples two physically separate buses with either a copper or fiber-optic data link capable of 1.5 Gbit/s serial data rates. With theMXI-3 system, you can do the following: Control a PXI/CompactPCI backplane with either a PCI or PXI/CompactPCI host system, Increase the available number CompactPCI or PXI slots for your application, Physically separate the measurement or automation system from the host PC, and Combine PCI, CompactPCI, and PXI devices in the same system Because the MXI-3 system is a PCI-PCI bridge, all devices on the system appear as local devices in a single PCI system. You do not need to rewrite your device drivers for operation on a MXI-3 system. MXI-3 supports write posting and read prefetching to enhance performance. MXI-3 buffers and retimes the signals between the buses, maintaining the tight timing and high performance PCI requires. Software included.


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