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Optical Test System and Expansion UnitUSED
IQ-203, IQ-206

The IQ-200 Optical Test System includes top-of-the-line scalable hardware such asa modular platform, expansion units and a complete range of plug-in test modules.The IQ test modules cover the optical T&M spectrum, from simple insertion losstesters all the way up to sophisticated PMD analyzers. You get all this in a systemthat is up to speed for comprehensive test result analysis and that is mobilized for GPIB and network communications. Plus, IQ building blocks bring you Visual IQ systems, turnkey software applications and hardware that provide speed, reliability and easy automation. Whether you test loss in patchcords, put optical filters through their environmental paces, or check the crosstalk on demuxes, 

The IQ-200 Optical Test System is based on standard PC architecture for easy flexibility and integration. The heart of the system lies in the IQ-203 Control Unit, which houses a Pentium processor and up to three test modules. As testing needs expand, successive six-slot IQ-206 Expansion Units can be added. Even better, over 20 test modules are now available for just about every optical test and measurement requirement. For unmatched connectivity and integration, OLE/OCX controls are included, and LabVIEW drivers and GPIB(IEEE-488.2) controllers can be added.


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