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Newport Laser Diode DriverUSED
Full 16-bit control and characterization of your laser diodes is attainable via the IEEE-488 or RS-232 interfaces. All pertinent laser diode parameters Io, Im, or pO, and Vf are simultaneously presented on the two line alphanumeric LCD Power display. Power in Watts is displayed when the responsivity of the moniter photodiode is programmed into the unit. Incorrect settings are precented during the setup mode to protect the laser diode. An internal function generator is included that is programmable from 200Hz-300 kHz in either a sinewave or squarewave output. This provides a convenient means to generate datacom and telecom test tones for system evalustion. External alalog modualation is also included allowing you to modulate the output current using other waveforms and fewquencies. Modulation is available in both the constant current (ACC) and constant power (APC) modes.


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