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Newport Laser Diode DriverUSED
The 501AN Laser Diode Driver is quiet and stable enough for use in the most demanding applications such as spectroscopy and fiber optic communications. Intuitive front panel controls make these instruments extremely simple to use. There are two operating modes: constant current or constant laser power. Dual current-level selection lets you optimize current resolution settings by precisely varying the output to the laser diode. Comprehensive laser diode safety features are built into every 500 Series Laser Diode Driver. Redundant FET and relay shorting circuits protect the laser diode at the beginning of the slow turn-on sequence. After a short delay, the output current slowly ramps to your preset operating level. The current limit setting is fully independent. External analog modulation allows you to voltage-control or modulate the output. In the high bandwidth mode, you can modulate the laser up to 800 kHz (Model 501). For precision laser output power control, or wavelength tuning with external control circuitry, you can slowly modulate the laser output in the low bandwidth mode and maintain low noise operation. 


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