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Newport XYZ Stage with SM-13 ActuatorsUSED
562 Series
The 562-XYZ ULTRAlign™ Precision Linear Stage features stainless steel construction for superior long-term stability, with thermally matched, hardened steel crossed-roller bearings for unsurpassed performance. The crossed-roller bearings and precision-manufactured bearing reference surfaces provide exceptionally linear 13 mm travel, with angular deviation better than 100 µrad about any axis. We measure each stage on a six-axis interferometer to ensure performance. Each 562 stage axis is equipped with a non-influencing locking mechanism to maintain sub-micron positioning when locking or unlocking. Specially designed actuator mounting blocks allow quick and easy actuator changes, on any axis, at any time. A choice of manual or motorized actuators is available to build a system that meets your specific resolution requirements. The robust design of the 562 Series Stages makes them ideally suited for repetitive, high-use industrial manufacturing and research applications. These stages have greater thermal immunity due to their higher mass, and larger diameter bearings increase the stiffness of the stage. Oversized loads and complicated platform configurations can easily be accommodated, since all actuators are located below the top surface level. Generous 1/4-20 hole patterns provide convenient mounting options. Includes three SM-13 actuators.


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