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Newport XY StageUSED
462 Series, 2 SM-13 Actuators
The 462-XZ-M ULTRAlign™ Precision Integrated Crossed-Roller Bearing Linear Stages feature stainless steel construction for high stability, with thermally matched, hardened steel crossed-roller bearings for unsurpassed performance. The crossed-roller bearings and precision-manufactured bearing reference surfaces provide exceptionally linear 1.0 inch XZ travel, with angular deviation better than 100 µrad about any axis. Our analysis has shown that optimum stability demands that not only the stage be built of stainless steel, but also the angle brackets, actuator mounts, and even the assembly hardware. ULTRAlign stages overcome the limitations of multi-axis stages derived from traditional tooling industry designs. The actuators are located out-of-the-way of oversized loads. The Z-axis stages does not depend on springs for support, ensuring maximum vertical load capacity. Generous 1/4-20 hole patterns provide easy mounting. The mounting base can be removed for a lower profile. Each axis features a non-influencing locking mechanism for negligible motion of the stage when locking or unlocking. Specially designed actuator mounting blocks allow quick and easy actuator changes, on any axis, at any time. Two SM-13 Actuators included.


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