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Newport Temperature ControllerUSED
The Model 3040 Temperature Controller provides a 32 W bipolar output for operation with thermoelectric (TE) coolers.Full 16-bit control and characterization of the TE module and temperature sensor is attainable via the IEEE-488 or RS-232interfaces. LabVIEW drivers are included with the computer interfaces as a standard feature. All pertinent TEC parameters ITE, VTE, and temperature sensors (°C, W, Amp, or Volts) are measured and presented on the two line alphanumeric LCD display. All standard temperature sensors (including thermistors, Platinum RTD, AD590/592 and LM335 IC sensors) are supported without the need for additional interface units. Sensor calibration constants are easily programmed for direct readout in °C. A proportional–integral (P–I) control circuit is implemented in the Model 3040 that meets all the temperature stabilization requirements for laser diode users.


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