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ThorLabs Temperature ControllerUSED
The Thorlabs TEC2000  is an extremely precise temperature control system for laser diodes and detectors. Using the TEC2000 with the Thorlabs LDC500 Laser Current Source and Thorlabs temperature controlled laser heads, the laser wavelength and power can be precisely controlled. The proportional gain (P), the integral gains (I), and the differential gain (D) of the PID temperature control loop can be set independently with a high degree of  repeatability. Different temperature sensors can be used with the TEC2000 (thermistor, AD590, AD592, LM335). With a thermistor, the temperature display is shown as a resistance value in kΩ. If the TEC 2000 is operating with atemperature IC (AD590/592 or LM335), the temperature is shown in °C.


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