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IXIA Communications Traffic Generator/Performance AnalyzerUSED
IXIA 400
The IXIA 400 chassis provides a platform on which an Ixia test system can be built. The chassis supports an integrated test controller that manages all chassis and testing resources. A wide array of interface Load Modules are available for the chassis, providing the network interfaces and distributed processing resources for customizing and analyzing network traffic flows. The highly scalable architecture supports daisy chaining of up to 256 chassis with synchronized timing to enable very large test environments.


Available Load Modules (can be fitted into IXIA 400 or sold separately according to customer needs):

LM1000SX GBIC 2-Port Multi-Layer Gigabit GBIC Ethernet Load Module

LM100TX 10/100 Mbps 4-port multi-layer Ethernet Load Module

LM1000 GBIC 2-port multi-layer Gigabit GBIC Load Module

LMOC12C 2-Port OC-3c/OC-12c packet over SONET Load Module

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