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Labmaster Ultima
The Ultima LabMaster is a comprehensive laser power and laser energy measurement and analysis system for CW, single-pulse and repetitive-pulse laser measurements. CW beam powers can be measured with thermopile and semiconductor sensors. Pulsed beam energies can be measured for single-shot events (pyroelectric and thermal sensors) and for repetition rates up to 400 Hz (pyroelectric sensors) with a display update rate of 3 Hz. The average power of repetitively pulsed beams can be measured and displayed as watts with thermopile sensors (>10 Hz), and pyroelectric sensors (1-400 Hz). Data can be displayed on the large LCD display with digital, strip chart and analog-bar presentations and logged to memory, a printer, or the RS-232 and IEEE 488 ports. LabMaster features a complete statistics package for power and energy analysis, including minimum, maximum, median, standard deviation, two sigma, trending, histogram and RMS noise. Compatible sensors are pre-programmed with linearity, wavelength and sensitivity factors during factory calibration, so that they can be interchanged quickly and easily.


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