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Newport Universal Motion Controller/DriverUSED
The ESP300 is an integrated controller and driver in one chassis, which simplifies system hookup and improves reliability. The ESP300 can drive and control up to three axes of motion using any combination of DC and/or stepper motors. Each driver module will drive 2 or 4- phase stepper and brush DC servo motors at 3 A (maximum) per axis. This capability enables driving a large selection of Newport stages and actuators, including rotary actuators and rotary stages as well as goniometers. The ESP300 uses a 32-bit, floating point, DSP processor for high precision synchronized control. A digital PID-FF (feed-forward) servo loop ensures precise velocity profile tracking and accurate positioning. A 1000x programmable micro- step resolution provides ultra-smooth low-speed stepper positioning capability, and 18-bit DC motor command output ensures improved stability for precision applications. User's manual available. See Digital Joystick and Alphanumeric Keypad for this item.


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