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Newport Universal Motion Controller/DriverUSED
The ESP7000 motion control platform with LCD display is an integrated controller and driver in one chassis, which simplifies system hookup and improves reliability. Each of the 6 driver modules can drive and control 2 or 4-phase stepper and brush DC servo motors. This capability enables driving a large selection of Newport stages and actuators, including rotary actuators and rotary stages as well as goniometers. The ESP7000 is plug-and play compatible with Newport's ESP compatible stages and actuators. PID and gearing parameters are easily set for non-ESP stages. Positioning modes include synchronized and non-synchronized point-to-point, jogging, linear or circular interpolation, electronic gearing, and continuous path contouring. The ESP7000 also has 24 Opto22 compatible digital I/O lines and an 8-channel, 16-bit data acquisition sub-system. IEEE-488 (GPIB), USB and RS-232-C computer interfaces, a 3.5" floppy disk drive. User's manual available upon request.


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