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4D Optical in 2017

4D Optical specializes in optical product design, and we are developing and marketing a product of our own invention, the MicrobeScope.

The 4D Optical Story

4D got its start manufacturing telecom gear in 2004, and that grew into consulting work on other types of products.  We have worked on many iconic consumer items that you would recognize.  Over 100 million units have been sold that bear our fingerprints.  Thirteen years of consulting has taught us a lot about making quality products at a competitive price.  The products that always succeed bring the consumer affordable delight.  Our goal is to delight.

However, current events are making it clear that the rate of environmental change is going to cause problems and challenge all of us.  Therefore, we think it makes sense to produce a product that delights while it helps educate people about nature and the environment.

Now our mission is to bring innovations to market which help people address change and adopt healthy behaviors.  We believe that solutions are all around us, and all we need to do is learn to see and understand our environment in order to adapt.

If you are curious about what we are doing please see videos created with a MicrobeScope here:  Or, check out our links page.

The background for this page is a photo of sunflower pollen and it was created with a MicrobeScope and an iPhone 6S.

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